CNC Tube Bending Mass Projects

Quality Control Leadership Among Tube Bending Companies

VBH uses Eaton Leonard's Vector Tube Data Center, and non-contact laser probe, which evaluates both bend angles and the entire tube profile. This system is widely regarded as the industry’s "gold standard" in tube measurement – and it is unique: the entire inspection process is performed optically using visible spectrum lasers.

VBH's Eaton Leonard Data Center interfaces with the tube bending equipment for closed loop inspection and correction. Any deviations between the bent part shape and the true geometry are automatically converted to incremental, corrective bending machine movements. In addition, through the Eaton Leonard interface, the quality system transmits all pertinent bender corrections and setup data.

This exceptionally "smart" quality control system minimizes lead times and allows even the most complex series of bends to be accomplished with exceptional accuracy. Reports can show deviations, or Δ. SPC is available.

We are confident that our precision tube bending can meet your quality standards. Our quality control system complies with ISO 9001 standards.

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