VBH provides precision tube bending using CNC technology

Our precision tube bending system is world class – manufactured by industry leader Eaton Leonard for superior accuracy and repeatability. This precision tube bending system bends carbon and stainless steel tubing, up to 1-1/4" (28 mm) in diameter. It will execute complex bends in close succession. Bends can be made up to 190 degrees.

In addition to precision tube bending, VBH provides a complete range of tubular manufacturing services, from cut-to-length through final production of tubular components.

VBH is the region's #1 resource for applications assistance with complex tube bending. Our dedicated customer support team can quickly answer questions regarding material, dies, quality testing and lead times.

Whether your requirement is for staged, JIT delivery of mass-quantities of an OEM part, or a specialized "one-off" component, VBH is eager to be of service.

Email us a drawing in any format, along with the material, degree of bend and the centerline bend radius. Or, send us a sample part. Our advanced digitizing capabilities will help us develop the protocols needed to manufacture it precisely and efficiently.