Valley CNC Tube Bending

Managed Inventory for Tube Bending

VBH provides comprehensive tailored solutions to customers' requirements for tube bending. Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Program is one of the industry's most effective tools for JIT delivery, and the easiest way to reduce the cost of tube bending.

VBH's VMI program substantially reduces purchasing and re-supply expense, eliminates stock-outs and back-orders, and lowers costs for engineering changes. It can easily be designed to eliminate incoming bent tube inspection costs. Financially, it's a huge win for customers, who find there are better uses for cash than tying it up with excess inventory. Finally, it reduces the amount of solid waste disposal - so it's very "green."

It's also very flexible. VBH customers generally place blanket orders covering their requirements for the next 18-24 months. New and change orders are placed electronically, based on activity levels. VBH's bar coding system provides real-time information regarding staging, manufacturing, quality tests and packaging/shipping.

VBH can deliver precision bent tubes directly to your production line or other point of use at weekly or other intervals. Call us today and let's discuss how VMI can satisfy all of your tube bending requirements.